Yoga Classes in Wavell Heights, QLD

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Yoga wavell heights

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Are you stressed, anxious—your mind racing over all the things you need to do—and finding it difficult to relax? She gives the right balance of alignment, technique, philosophy and humour.

Yoga wavell heights

Keep up to date with the latest events, workshops and information on Yoga in Australia With Alison on your side, you can't help but be enriched in your growth and learning and understanding.

Yoga wavell heights

Yoga wavell heights

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Do you have interviews and singles. Welcome to Having Heart Yoga. Yoga wavell heights

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  1. Her enthusiasm and sense of fun are infectious, her belief empowering, her expertise enriching.

  2. Mandy Taylor-Dobbelsteen I never fail to feel more calm, collected and positive after time on the mat and usually sleep so incredibly well that night! Her enthusiasm and sense of fun are infectious, her belief empowering, her expertise enriching.

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