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Wichita hoes

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Tools were made from readily available stone, wood bone, and antler. Living along fertile valleys, these people resided in small villages of rectangular, mud-plastered houses. Buffalo, elk, deer, and small game were hunted.

Wichita hoes

With the Spanish settlement of New Mexico and the arrival of French hunters and traders in the Mississippi Valley, the lives of the Wichita were profoundly affected. Fee for some activities.

Wichita hoes

Wichita hoes

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  1. Buffalo, elk, deer, and small game were hunted. Food, live entertainment, parade, car show, PRCA rodeo, beer garden, 5K obstacle event and lots of kids activities.

  2. In some cases, these goods were used by the Wichita in their own daily tasks. September The City of Augusta is celebrating its th birthday with many events, which will continue into October during its Red Brick Harvest Festival see below.

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