Sevin Dust is NOT Your Garden Friend!

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Where can i buy sevin dust

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I also read on the internet that self-rising flour is good for fighting pests. I was reading about this stuff on a website https:

Where can i buy sevin dust

Most gardners prefer Sevin Dust as it is easier to apply in the dust form and comes in a covenient 1 lb. Another plus was that I planted mums all around my garden.

Where can i buy sevin dust

Where can i buy sevin dust

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  1. The little monsters will chomp on a leaf, ingest some of the flour and soon after — BOOM! Sevin insecticide dust made by Garden Tech is a popular name-brand pesticide containing carbaryl, a pest control product that has been used by gardners for years to control insects in gardens, ornamentals and on crops and edible vegetables.

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