Does Marijuana Have Any Affect On Hormone Based Birth Control?

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Weed and birth control

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There was no data suggesting marijuana interferes with the pill. Whose best interest are we really looking out for?

Weed and birth control

I live with a Grey, and was absolutely amazed at their vocalizations and behaviors--pretty much exactly like Pepper. Moreover, THC is a potential steroid-mimetic in that it influences LH, testosterone, and prolactin levels; hence, heavy partakers of the blessed herb who are male can sometimes develop gynecomastia - haven't yet heard of a similar effect in women, but must have been studied by pharma or academics because of potential blockbuster pun intended lifestyle drug formulation. BTW, Shelleba, you make some really great observations and scientific assocaitions outside your primary field that would make you a valuable contributor in pharma

Weed and birth control

Weed and birth control

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