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Wedding ceremony in cambodia

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When crowned, the people whooped to bless the king. Premarital sex is unacceptable with women, and divorce is rarely seen.

Wedding ceremony in cambodia

A bride wears a traditional "sampot" "sarong" dress and numerous jewellery. Due to its lack of development, most young people before the age of 25 get married, and many women, especially in the countryside, marry when they are teenagers. The blessing is adapted to use in the wedding until now.

Wedding ceremony in cambodia

Wedding ceremony in cambodia

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  1. Along the way back near a stream, the fortune teller said that day they were going to meet a girl and become their wife.

  2. Some communities do not have weddings during rainy season. After dinner, they start dancing.

  3. The sixth part of the Cambodian wedding is "Bongvul Pbopul". The couple kneels and holds a sword.

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