'Dr. Death' Breaks Down Techniques for Suicide

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Ways to suffocate yourself

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At this point in the tape, Jerry unscrews a cap at the top of the cylinder to reveal the gas valve. And the consequences of an indecent death at some point are no longer your problems, but the problems of the ones around you. Not all CNS depressants would apply for this purpose.

Ways to suffocate yourself

The choice of using a pure gas involves a very simple answer to a complex question. If there is, you know you're dealing with Nembutal. He admits that he pushes the limits of the law.

Ways to suffocate yourself

Ways to suffocate yourself

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  1. I just wanted to show you what I have done, and then also to bring your attention to some very serious questions, once you've made up your mind to do this. This is, in other words, no guarantee of what I would call a decent death.

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