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The added benefit is that you put it on and you instantly look thinner. It is upon the correctness of this position that it chiefly relies for a reversal of the decree dismissing the bill.


He has no right to appropriate a sign or symbol, which from the nature of the fact it is used to signify, others may employ with equal truth, and therefore have an equal right to employ for the same purpose. How V-Trainer Works V-Trainer is a masculine version of the waist trainer and looks like a workout belt and attaches around your belly with Velcro.


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  1. And while wearing a V-Belt may make you stand up straighter, it could also lead you to believe you are stronger than you are, resulting in injuring your back if you try and lift too much.

  2. The symbol or device thus becomes a sign to the public of the origin of the goods to which it is attached, and an assurance that they are the genuine article of the original producer. In other words, V-Belt is not a good way to get rid of belly fat, even for a job interview or first date.

  3. The combination of the three letters was probably suggested, as is stated, by the initials of the words in the company's name, Amoskeag Company,-with the letter 'A' previously used, to denote the best quality of goods it manufactured.

  4. And besides, the letters themselves do not suggest any thing, and require explanation before any meaning can be attached to them. Its border has a different figure; it is square outside and inside.

  5. Used in that device to denote only quality, and so understood, they can be used by others for a similar purpose equally with the words 'superior' or 'superfine,' or other words or letters or figures having a like significant. He has no right to appropriate a sign or symbol, which from the nature of the fact it is used to signify, others may employ with equal truth, and therefore have an equal right to employ for the same purpose.

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