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Types of submissives

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Littles- These can be the brats. They desire to be your pet dog, kitty, bunny, etc. These submissive relationships are usually sexual and long term.

Types of submissives

But hey, you took this quiz, so probably you have a little bit of curiosity around receiving, bottoming, submitting, and service. The sexual play, attention, and pleasure is what matters most for you. You might love spanking, sex toys, provocative outfits—but mostly you want that rush of giving over in safe, contained ways that make you feel strong, capable, and fierce.

Types of submissives

Types of submissives

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  1. These and other butlers are like to be your service icons. I hope it begins some conversations about what the different types of s-types are, and where you fit and what that means to you.

  2. You have likely been working on this skill of giving service with all kinds of people in your life for many years, not just in your intimate, romantic, or sexual relationships. For a deeper dive into all of your submissive tendencies, join the Submissive Playground course in January for four weeks of creative, sexy explorations.

  3. To get to know yourself and your submission even better, come play with us in the Submissive Playground!

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