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Tungsten carbide ring removal

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During the pregnancy I couldn't wear my ring because my hands and feet were swollen. Superficial lacerations and retained debris are potential complications.

Tungsten carbide ring removal

During the pregnancy I couldn't wear my ring because my hands and feet were swollen. The finger was not squeezed during this procedure. In addition, tungsten bands can be fractured into pieces using vise-grip pliers.

Tungsten carbide ring removal

Tungsten carbide ring removal

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  1. Many of these designer styles feature inlays of sterling silver, platinum, palladium, rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. During the pregnancy I couldn't wear my ring because my hands and feet were swollen.

  2. The rings were removed by a controlled crushing technique using a pair of locking pliers.

  3. We sought to describe a method for removal of TC rings from cadaveric fingers and characterize potential complications of the technique. The jaws of the locking pliers were adjusted so that when closed they gripped the ring snugly without being excessively tight.

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