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Trimming your pubic area with scissors

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Video about trimming your pubic area with scissors:

Laser hair removal or electrolysis Laser hair removal and electrolysis are different methods of long-term hair removal. Choose products designed for sensitive skin and avoid applying directly to the vaginal opening, anal opening, or urethra. According to one study , leaving your pubes in place could provide minor protection from sexually transmitted infections STIs.

Trimming your pubic area with scissors

The waxing or threading table should be draped with a clean, disposable paper. Ensure that you wash the comb and scissors that you used to trim your pubic hair prior to future use.

Trimming your pubic area with scissors

Trimming your pubic area with scissors

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  1. Pull one cheek taut and shave in gentle outward and downward strokes before working with the other side.

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