What is tantric sex? Tantric tips to give you and your partner a more satisfying sex life

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Tentric sex

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Daily Mirror This traditional tantric pose is a wonderful way to connect intimately with your beloved. Try to make your breathing a conscious rather than a subconscious act, to help you focus on your body and the pleasure it can bring you.

Tentric sex

The first technique is mental; the others are physical: Or, if you prefer, you can say that when you put two women or two men together, you have the energy of creation—tantra embraces everything, rejecting nothing, so of course it embraces gay lifestyles and every other lifestyle as well.

Tentric sex

Tentric sex

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  1. And some teachers from India teach that sexual orgasm weakens the system, and that the energy needs to be held in and drawn up into the higher centers to awaken true freedom and enlightenment. Make your bedroom a serene place It's all about the ambience with tantric sex, so try to make your boudoir an inviting place, soft and gentle and sensual.

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