The tattoo I got from tattoo heaven - Picture of New York City, New York

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Tattoo heaven bronx

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Certain days were reserved for one neighborhood or street. Public statements of this type were basic acts of pride and belonging. Although many of the small, handmade memorials touch my heart, I am most drawn to the murals and tattoos.

Tattoo heaven bronx

Based on the similarities I noticed, I believe that my collection represents a composite portrait of a nation publicly coming to grips with a horrifying and shocking attack, while trying to understand its new sense of vulnerability. Two years after the attacks, after I had seen a broad range of artistic expression, I understood that the response was an overwhelmingly visual one and so pervasive that the outpouring of sentiment carried Americans into rare territory—a place where private emotions tied up with terrorism and loss met mass public expression. Public statements of this type were basic acts of pride and belonging.

Tattoo heaven bronx

Tattoo heaven bronx

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  1. Over the course of five years, I have compiled a large assortment of American vernacular responses to the attacks—from the inner city to rural areas, from the spectacular to the banal.

  2. In reaction to, and in protest against, the senselessness of mass murder we have put a face on the attacks. Or you might attach a larger flag to your house or hang it out of your apartment building window.

  3. In several murals and tattoos, the towers are depicted as in heaven or in an apotheosis, ascending to heaven. When a person was in close proximity to an area or object I wanted to shoot, I introduced myself and explained what I was doing.

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