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Symptoms of heartbreak

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So however you react to stress about finals, work or public speaking, expect your body to react in similar ways to heartbreak. Sleep disorders like insomnia are common for the recently single, Alexander said.

Symptoms of heartbreak

The cause of broken heart syndrome is not fully understood. Emergency care should always be sought when experiencing these symptoms, since there is no way to determine their cause without proper testing and diagnosis by a doctor. Your muscles get sore.

Symptoms of heartbreak

Symptoms of heartbreak

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  1. However, those with broken heart syndrome do not have blocked coronary arteries, and usually make a fast and full recovery.

  2. These effects usually wear off within a few days or at most weeks, and there is no lasting heart damage. If the grief is persistent, your blood pressure can remain at higher levels than normal.

  3. In a typical heart attack, the arteries are blocked. So however you react to stress about finals, work or public speaking, expect your body to react in similar ways to heartbreak.

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