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Surviving a narcissistic relationship

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Video about surviving a narcissistic relationship:

Self-hypnosis Frequently Asked Questions 4. I have finally figured out - it took a while - that I do not have to allow crazy into my life.

Surviving a narcissistic relationship

Put yourself first for once! Set boundaries as per 1 and decide what the consequences will be for unacceptable behaviour no petty punishments though!

Surviving a narcissistic relationship

Surviving a narcissistic relationship

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  1. At the other end of the scale, someone may be displaying some really irritating narcissistic traits.

  2. Help them understand gradually and gently what others feel and might truly want, need or expect from them.

  3. You may increasingly feel that you can no longer carry on with this relationship. You may have tried everything you could to help the relationship and yourself survive and you may have run out of ideas and energy.

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