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Most may resist learning the truth and harbor inherent disdain for anyone who attempts to sound alarms. Mirach also has a companion star, although very faint, about 60, times dimmer. Orcus also invites us to apply our daily activities in-line with our true soul's purpose—to live true to soul purpose and undaunted to achieve our greater ideals in life.


In light of the above, Pholus may help to lead us from the conforming bounds and limitations of our past, to make the radical changes in our lives, to pierce the veils obscuring our more transcendent soul purpose, and to awaken to our unique purpose and live it. Tenma himself inverts this trope, as he's one of the nicest people imaginable.



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  1. He's a brilliant doctor, but he's also a sour, pompous and miserable git almost entirely lacking in charm and bedside manner. Nonetheless, the virtues that were understood to govern these relationships were, in their biblical setting, communal as well.

  2. Bootes is consort and protector of the Virgin, protector of the Virgin principles and ensuring the save birth and healthy evolution of souls.

  3. These have been clothed in philosophical, mystical, ethnic, and political vocabularies, among others.

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