Documentary explores gay history in Duluth-Superior

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Superior wi gay bars

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The Main is a holdover from when gay bars were a place of activism. Kowalski had been hit by a drunk driver and had suffered brain damage. Saturday at Zinema 2.

Superior wi gay bars

It's a safe harbor. And expect to like it. The karaoke is always awful, and when they throw you out after last call, you land right in front of the door to an all-night restaurant.

Superior wi gay bars

Superior wi gay bars

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  1. It became a place of community organizing, health information and a central meeting spot. Saturday's screening is the premiere -- though drafts of the film have been shown.

  2. Sit down, be quiet and keep to yourself. Others are obviously so addicted to smack that it makes me more sad than horny.

  3. Others are obviously so addicted to smack that it makes me more sad than horny. The making of Roth, who graduated from Superior High School, was living in upstate New York in and going through the process of coming out when she started to think about her origins.

  4. Others are obviously so addicted to smack that it makes me more sad than horny. Roth describes the Flame as a welcome environment that doesn't look overtly gay.

  5. There is a limited beer and wine menu and, for some reason, there was a drawing to win a gas grill the last time I was there.

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