Pritzker camp mocks Rauner with 'lost and found' Craigslist ad

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Springfield cragslist

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But that evening, the Confederates withdrew. Newbill, said in the November 11, issue:

Springfield cragslist

In the immediate aftermath, local Missouri people reportedly issued two commemorative coins. Pritzker's buoyant gubernatorial primary campaign, which isn't above enjoying a cheap laugh at Rauner's expense. During a poker game at the former Lyon House Hotel, in response to the disagreement over the amount, Tutt had taken Hickok's watch, which Hickok demanded he return immediately.

Springfield cragslist

Springfield cragslist

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  1. Rauner last month responded to his failure to get his way in the state's two-year budget battle by replacing most of his top-level staff with former employees of the right-wing think tank Illinois Policy Institute.

  2. Rauner initially said he had not seen the cartoon, which critics said was racist, declining to comment further for several days before being forced to later repudiate a statement put out by his own office that had said that "as a white man" he would not comment further on the issue. They proceeded to clear the land of trees to develop it for farms.

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