Sperm donor websites: the baby delivery service

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Sperm donor website

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With unregulated websites, however, both parties sleepwalk into a legal quagmire. Thanks from 'another future family.

Sperm donor website

The women who use the site are, in the main, professionals — many in high-powered jobs — who want to be mothers but do not want the baggage that goes with a long-term relationship. Others prefer the neutrality of a hotel room.

Sperm donor website

Sperm donor website

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  1. In short, this means that you will raise your child together without being in a romantic relationship and that you will share parental responsibilities and rights towards him or her.

  2. What I once viewed as a potentially cold and scary experience, Fairfax turned into a lifetime of appreciation for what is possible.

  3. I was very specific in what I was looking for, even though there would be no contact between the donor and child.

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