Sperm Donation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Sperm bank okc

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Brian and Sharine Kretchmar are hoping their lawsuit will bring about tougher regulation of an industry that many say is largely self-regulated. You can then arrange to have artificial insemination or IVF treatment. But later tests revealed the donor carried two copies of one of the more serious CF mutations.

Sperm bank okc

The Kretchmars' attorney monitored NECC's website after Jaxon's birth and said, at one point in time, they put up a disclaimer stating, "Cystic fibrosis testing has not been done on donors with the prefix B, N and R. They say no other babies conceived with donor N have CF or any other problems.

Sperm bank okc

Sperm bank okc

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  1. Right now, the FDA only mandates that sperm banks test for infectious diseases, not genetic diseases.

  2. The Kretchmars discovered donor N was part of thousands of vials of sperm NECC purchased back in from another large sperm bank in Wyoming. If you do not wish to purchase sperm from a sperm bank you can meet your sperm donor in person with Co-ParentMatch.

  3. He also wears a special vest that shakes him to loosen the mucus that builds up in his lungs. But you know, I mean, he needs to know there are people out there that do care and at least try to right the wrongs," Sharine said.

  4. Brian and Sharine Kretchmar are hoping their lawsuit will bring about tougher regulation of an industry that many say is largely self-regulated.

  5. But his playful laughter is drowned out much of his days with the sound of breathing treatments.

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