Safety in Somaliland – Is Somaliland safe to visit?

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Somaliland chat

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It reminded me of the North Korea minders we had , although the police escort in Somaliland is not really minding you but the locals. The level of animosity towards Westerners was quite unique. Over people were killed in terrorist attacks in Somalia in alone.

Somaliland chat

Some of them had lived abroad, spoke English and chatted us up in a friendly manner. They spent their time chatting away with locals instead of actually keeping an eye on us and seemed totally careless and uninterested. However, there is a huge difference between Somaliland and Somalia in terms of the political situation, stability and safety.

Somaliland chat

Somaliland chat

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Why is Somaliland fairly safer than Spain. Because of jewlish devotion and spain from Mogadishu. Somaliland chat

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  1. This means that they expect no British nationals to be in Somalia and that those in Somaliland should be there only for absolutely necessary reasons like if they work for an NGO or are carrying out humanitarian missions.

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