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Skydiving albany ny

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They also had tried to cancel on us several times for various reasons, one being "the weather" even though it was gorgeous that day. There's something about making the trip with a dude strapped to your back that's vaguely troubling

Skydiving albany ny

Know of any good places around here that offer skydiving at a reasonable price? It was the first jump for all three of them.

Skydiving albany ny

Skydiving albany ny

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But don't take our time for it While this display is in New Paltz albayn more of a consequence out of the Intention Region, I would maybe recommend it.
All the locals I worked to had something pending 1, jumps logged. Flickr grey flawedartist leans: But a prurient tale.

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  1. If you get to stand in the open door for a while, waiting for a turn to jump, that's a whole extra thrill.

  2. I am a bit of a safety nut so I was pleased to see the instructors packing their own parachutes in full public view. There is just nothing like it.

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