Cool Skater Boy Names

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Skater nicknames

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Now a heavy hitter in Vancouver, British Columbia, he runs Centre Distribution Sluggo was the first guy to snowboard in a Thrasher video, the first fucker to do a damn rodeo flip on vert, and the first skater to go from skating pro to doing stunt work in Hollywood films. Man, nice guys finish last I guess. Has anyone ever tried to give you a really bad nickname?

Skater nicknames

Is the name Sluggo your marketing tool? The comfortability of saying your nickname out loud is important. Good old Keith brought back those days of using your name on brands and not getting dissed.

Skater nicknames

Skater nicknames

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  1. Diamond in the Rough said about him by many girlfriends Dice For a person that likes to curse; after Andrew Dice Clay. Well, that is at least what happened to me.

  2. We could go on for hours as every blogger, writer, magazine, and person who is in the street, to the industry, has written about Gonz. You know what I am getting at.

  3. Sandwich once went on a month long sandwich diet Scramble a guy who eats his eggs scrambled all the time Sell Sword always able to be hired to do something Shadow Man someone who is really good at hiding Sherwood Gladiator a backwoods fighter Spartan someone who doesn't own too many things Strutter A guy who likes to strut.

  4. Stuntman insert first name Sunrise Surfer always on the beach early Tackle Box a dedicated fisherman Tango Sarcastic nicknames for bad dancers are always in demand.

  5. I just met Bill Weiss and was starting to film with him because a lot of people had been coming to Vegas to film.

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