7 Lap Dance Moves To Make You Melt

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Simple lap dance routine

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Turn around while you're standing between your partner's legs, and slowly get low until your hands are near the floor and you're shaking your thang near your partner's crotch, stomach, or even all the way up to their face. Casually strut around the chair, continuing to work your hips up and down to the music. Part 3 Show off Your Moves 1 Bend down like a sex goddess.

Simple lap dance routine

If you decided to combine your lap dance with a strip tease, lingerie and mini-dresses are good for this purpose. The lights should be bright enough so that your partner can see you working your body, but not so bright that they can see every little freckle on your face. While your bodies are so close, move your body against theirs, lean your face close to theirs, and lean in for a kiss -- but just a quick kiss on the lips that leaves them wanting more.

Simple lap dance routine

Simple lap dance routine

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  1. Pick some music that is sexy enough to set the mood, but upbeat enough for you to dance to.

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