4 Signs Your Friend is Jealous of You

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Signs your friend is jealous of you

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She is not the same girl anymore who supported you through your life. Are there some obvious signs that can tell you that your friendship is not as strong as it used to be? Worry no more because I am showing you the list of things every girl who is jealous of you will do; it is just a matter of time when she does.

Signs your friend is jealous of you

She is probably doing all that because she feels neglected by some of your friends and because she wants to be in the spotlight again. Not supporting your accomplishments, faking happiness, or even worse, not showing any sort of happiness at all are extremely upsetting behaviors from a friend.

Signs your friend is jealous of you

Signs your friend is jealous of you

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  1. Why would they so desperately cling to your life if they were confident in who they are? They'll likely claim they didn't do anything wrong and that someone else made it up.

  2. The signs aren't as obvious, which makes them easy to overlook, but they're definitely there.

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