7 Sure Signs of a Commitment-Phobe

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Signs of commitment phobe

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Once they have you, the less attractive parts of their personality start to show. They may be social butterflies, but their social relationships are often superficial with a large number of people rather than deep connections with a chosen few. Even when you make it official you want to keep it a secret just in case you two break up.

Signs of commitment phobe

You silently rejoice when relationships and marriages collapse because you feel it confirms your notion that love is dead, such news make you feel safe you are not in a relationship. Sex has brought you pain, either through rape or feelings of being used and so you feel committing will introduce sex into your fragile life and sex is something you dread.

Signs of commitment phobe

Signs of commitment phobe

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  1. They may also be afraid of what they are potentially missing out on, instead of having the ability to celebrate what they already have.

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