Loveless marriage - How to stay and not be miserable

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Should i stay in a loveless marriage

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That's why I thought it worth taking this moment to ask you, please, to give such details as you can. Marriage mates who are criticized may feel hurt and rejected. For husbands, this may be a major cause of frustration and anxiety.

Should i stay in a loveless marriage

If either of you has a distinct advantage at home for example, one partner may be the legal owner of the house it may be best to have your conversation at a local coffee shop, park, or another neutral location. You can't forget what those stupid people said perhaps terrified as well as ignorant but I don't think you should carry your burden of bitterness into yet another year. This will help you to voice your concerns while still remaining respectful to your partner.

Should i stay in a loveless marriage

Should i stay in a loveless marriage

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One reported just before Rearrangement which said: You're in a grey marriage?.

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  1. Defensiveness is not a positive communication strategy as it may give the impression that the accused partner will not accept responsibility for his or her mistakes. Who knows where it will end?

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