Like sheep to the slaughter

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Sheep being led to slaughter

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Yael Feldman suggests that this is the probable source for the verbiage employed by Abba Kovner in his declaration of 1 January Brethren, it is better to die fighting like free men than to live at the mercy of the murderers.

Sheep being led to slaughter

By , the second version of the phrase, invented in Josippon, was more commonly used. Ringelblum asked "why have we allowed ourselves to be led like sheep to the slaughter" and concluded that Jews were ashamed and disgraced because their "docility" did not save their lives. Because Nazi propaganda films were often the only source of footage, their use in postwar documentaries supported the idea of Jewish passivity, as did the iconic Warsaw Ghetto boy photograph.

Sheep being led to slaughter

Sheep being led to slaughter

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  1. Tec strongly criticized the idea that "the victims themselves were partly to blame for their own destruction".

  2. Instead, Arendt blamed the Judenrat for allegedly collaborating with the Nazis, an assessment that is not commonly accepted today.

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