She's the Man: Are Men Attracted to Sexually Assertive Women?

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Sexually assertive

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To examine the role of assertiveness in female sexuality, a nonclinical population of married women ages years were stratified as above or below the median score 73 on sexual assertiveness, as measured by the Hurlbert Index of Sexual Assertiveness HISA , and matched accordingly for demographics, resulting in two samples: I dont take my pants off unless Im feeling undenial sexual flustration with a man.

Sexually assertive

Sexual assertiveness means that you take an active role in sex, and also feel comfortable expressing your preferences. The study revealed the extent to which some women lack the confidence to talk to their partner about sex. Because a lot of men havent stuck through to teach, learn, or experience through with them.

Sexually assertive

Sexually assertive

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  1. Laugh it Off When everything goes wrong, the best thing you can do is laugh. When you're comfortable and treated with respect it's much easier to express yourself both inside and outside the bedroom.

  2. They had collected data from sexually active people to look at sexual assertiveness. Comparative assessments were made between the two matched samples on frequency of sexual activity, number of orgasms, subjective sexual desire, and both marital and sexual satisfaction.

  3. Instead of saying something like "You're really making me feel pressured into this," use an "I"-statement, such as "I'm really not comfortable with having sex right now. Some people — even those who seem confident — are far too shy to do this.

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