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Sexi animals

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Our name, hippopotamus, comes from the Greek word for "river horse". We will start off with something simple P.

Sexi animals

During the day while in the water, we eat water plants. Please keep in mind that I'm looking for the full name of the animal, so if the picture is an elephant, I will not accept the answer "elephant. Also, if you know there is more than one name for the animal, please list all the ones you know so the others know and can maybe learn a bit more.

Sexi animals

Sexi animals

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  1. Because we don't have sweat glands, we hippos love to cool off in rivers, swamps and lakes. A large hippo living in the wild can tip the scale at about 5, pounds.

  2. During the day while in the water, we eat water plants. We are excellent swimmers and divers and are able to stay underwater for about five minutes or so at a time with our nostrils, eyes and ears closed.

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