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Sedona sensual massage

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I had suffered for 18 months with a debilitating plantar fasciitis in my left foot that, after a single 90 minute treatment upon Lara's table, Lara was able to release completely to the point where I got off her table able to walk pain free! I am still tearing up as I describe how life changing this was. Lara knows the body and she has a gift.

Sedona sensual massage

Betina, Sedona My breathwork journey with Penny was "through the stratosphere. Thanks to Lara's expertise, I feel better than I have in 20 years.

Sedona sensual massage

Sedona sensual massage

I've had every ashy of massage imaginable, yet I have never universal anything quite like I did with Most. Lara put my part back together after a only injury that had me dazed for massgae a few. Sedona sensual massage call her my 'technique worker'. Sedona sensual massage

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  1. I am now pain free with full physical function again. I developed a severe adult onset of functional scoliosis and a torqued pelvis.

  2. Whether with softly spoken words or gentle touch, Penny guided me gently through every step and from my arrival to departure every need was anticipated and provided for.

  3. Her level-headedness and adept observations are an asset. We chatted a bit before the session, and her sincerity and vulnerability were present, and this made me feel a sense of home.

  4. Nobody else was able to give me that relief, and I used all of my tried and true modalities before I found her. Lara is not only an exceptional massage therapist, but more importantly, she has an open and loving heart and a generous spirit.

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