Local diver weighs in on Thailand rescue efforts

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Scuba diving huntsville al

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However, since you stated "legal" as a requirement, you should know that while filming a show for Discovery channel on the subject they were arrested for "plundering" state historical resources. The jetties bottom out at a shallow 25 feet and are therefore suitable for novice divers. This doesn't cause a problem when a diver is down in the water.

Scuba diving huntsville al

You might make poor decisions, such as taking out your regulator because you think you can breathe underwater. Tissues near the air-filled spaces of your body—such as your ears, sinuses, dental roots, and lungs—can be damaged if your body can't equalize the pressure between it and the surrounding water.

Scuba diving huntsville al

Scuba diving huntsville al

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  1. Between the shallow coastal shore dives and the quarries, Alabama has a number of options that are suitable for diving students and beginners.

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