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The basic concept is identical to the TBTK. Weight-optimized polar correction methods require complex calculation methods, but on the other hand minimize the amount of weight removed. Thus various production capacity requirements, correction methods and manufacturing philosophies can be realized in a short time.


The differences in design, manufacturing technique, successive processing steps and work-piece handling appear immense. Unbalance and geometric measuring stations, correction units, work-piece handling systems and peripheral automation can be combined to optimally meet the respective production line requirements. Modular concept Schenck RoTec has set up a consistent modular concept of individual system elements for high-production crankshaft balancing machines.



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  1. Deployment of the machine for the highest capacity requirements in large-volume production, interfaced with production lines and with arbitrary in-feed and out-feed conveyors.

  2. Deployment of the machine for the highest capacity requirements in large-volume production, interfaced with production lines and with arbitrary in-feed and out-feed conveyors.

  3. It is operated as a manufacturing island and can be loaded manually or by hand-operated loading device. NC axis control for transporter and correction Optimized unbalance correction High-speed drilling with drill emulsion or oil or minimum quantity lubrication MQL Range of application Measurement and correction of unbalance in machined passenger vehicle and light commercial vehicle crankshafts.

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