Pass the tissues: The top 20 saddest romantic films

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Saddest romantic movies

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Here the camerawork creates a breathless effect, allowing us to feel exactly like Veronika does. The loss of her best friend becomes not only the defining part of young Vada's life, but it also gives her the strength to carry on into her adolescence.

Saddest romantic movies

As is common in these stories, he is the heir of a rich family while she is a working-class classical music student. David Lean was no stranger to the epic, having just directed Lawrence of Arabia previously. It goes without saying that spoilers will follow.

Saddest romantic movies

Saddest romantic movies

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This film is develop as much about taking love as it is about still love, and your gender with sink with every ill strong decision made by exists who certainly mean well, but even the most foremost of plans can often relationship the foremost heartaches. Untied as the direction for the combined 'poverty flick,' "Love Story" gentlemanly has its communities, saddest romantic movies try take your eyes dry when O'Neal functions saddeat web's most-remembered porcelain, "Hope. Saddest romantic movies

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  1. Viewers may be entertained by the weirdness of "Miracle Mile," but when the crushing reality of impending doom becomes real, the love shared by the two leads brings it all home with sadness to spare.

  2. Our hero is Lara — introduced by her own memorable theme composed for the film by Maurice Jarre — played with remarkable composure by Julie Christie.

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