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Sad love stories movies

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The final scene of the film is guaranteed to evoke an ugly cry in just about anyone. And then the boat hits the iceberg, and from that moment, we're catapulted from James Cameron's technical wonder of excess to one of the most heartbreaking series of scenes in a big-budget film ever. Shakespeare's tragic play of star-crossed lovers doomed by the very thing that keeps them whole has been done and redone, but Baz Luhrmann's lush visuals and the unlikely chemistry between Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes gives this age-old fatalistic fable of love an even greater impact within its freshness.

Sad love stories movies

Despite that, they find a way to fall in love, and then much like reality, life gets in the way. Good luck getting through the whole thing without shedding a tear. Credited as the template for the modern 'chick flick,' "Love Story" certainly has its detractors, but try keeping your eyes dry when O'Neal utters the film's most-remembered quote, "Love

Sad love stories movies

Sad love stories movies

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  1. Katie Barbara Streisand is a headstrong politically motivated feminist and Hubbell Robert Redford isn't.

  2. The power of this film absolutely lies in looking at their love, their passion as something everyone's felt at least once in their lives. To show that heartbreak transcends genre, we've added a couple films you might not have considered with it comes to romantic heartbreak.

  3. Despite that, they find a way to fall in love, and then much like reality, life gets in the way.

  4. Viewers may be entertained by the weirdness of "Miracle Mile," but when the crushing reality of impending doom becomes real, the love shared by the two leads brings it all home with sadness to spare.

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