What is a Ruined Orgasm and Why Would I Want One?

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Ruined orgasims

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If a sub has a ruined orgasm fetish, then the ruined orgasm will be better if the sub is told about it ahead of time and visa versa. Often I will finish with some warning about his wanking…..

Ruined orgasims

If you are rough enough it could take some of the pleasure out of the orgasm, but once a sub has hit that point of no return, his pain threshold goes way up. Either that, or the practice made me perfect.

Ruined orgasims

Ruined orgasims

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  1. When I stop, I immediately start slapping his penis hard, back and forth, until he calms down.

  2. In the end it's just a distraction through temperature shock. While it varies from person to person, pain will often improve the orgasm for the sub.

  3. Subs with a strong fetish for ruined orgasms often enjoy them more than they would a simple vanilla orgasm.

  4. This is a psychological game designed to let him orgasm, but pretend it is not for his pleasure that it is being done. Tying up a sub so he can't "finish" a ruined orgasm also adds to the orgasm, especially if you make it clear it's so he can't do anything about his upcoming ruined orgasm.

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