Rick Stein (chef)

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We like to get out and do a lot of sport. The Aussies were leaner, more bronzed and more successful with the local girls than any of my mates. After one of my first radio interviews, I came out and asked Sas, "Was I all right?


It rubs off on me, too. Kate McIlwain My father, Eric, was bipolar and as he got older, his illness affected the family more and more.



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  1. He took A-levels in English, history and geography, but failed all of them. They were older, more capable of looking after themselves, but they also knew my father before he became severely bipolar and therefore had a much easier relationship with him.

  2. Advertisement I'm very lucky that I get on with all my siblings, but Henrietta and I had a special bond then and we still do now. It became known for its freeze-dried curries.

  3. Like most of my generation who went to single-sex boarding schools, I found it notoriously difficult to meet and touch women. Distraught by his father's suicide, at age 19 he went to Australia , where he worked as a labourer in an abattoir and as a clerk in a naval dockyard.

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