1. Post title must be a current, unbiased, and coherent question

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Video about reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:

The more we know about what you are asking, the better we can answer with more information. No albums or landing pages. If the image requires the submission title for it to make sense, we remove it.


This includes chain posts. You can be banned for breaking any of these rules! Do not encourage or participate in brigading of any subreddits or of any users of Reddit or elsewhere!



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  1. Try to be as neutral as possible. This includes, but is not limited to, Impact font and fonts which look like Impact , minions, advice animals, rage comics, and the B emoji.

  2. No memes about violent tragedies or anything that could be seen as glorifying violence. Check with Karma Decay before posting!

  3. Flair your posts accordingly after submitting them. Don't simply put one word and a question mark.

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