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These small groups of London 'train writers' adopted many of the styles and lifestyles of their New York City forebears, painting Graffiti train pieces and in general 'bombing' the system, but favoring only a few selected underground lines seen as most suitable for train Graffiti. Silver Bullet 's chart success was applauded due to an uncompromisingly rapid delivery, whereas Derek B and Rebel MC were scorned when their more pop influenced styles earned them success. The first ever British hip hop tune released on record was "Christmas Rapping" by Dizzy Heights Polydor, and not contrary to popular belief "London Bridge" by Newtrament Jive Records, ; [9] prior to this British artists were rapping live or recording amateur tapes.


It was at this point that UK Hip-Hop splintered into two genres and ideologies. Birmingham and the West Midlands gave rise to Credit to the Nation , whose MC Fusion would espouse conscious anti-racist, sexist and homophobic lyrics.



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  1. Mainstream radio did play British hip hop on occasion, and instrumental in giving the scene wider recognition were DJs such as Dave Pearce , Tim Westwood , and John Peel.

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