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He is currently chair of the Committee of the Status of Minorities in the Economics Profession and is a past president of the National Economics Association. Less clear are the stakes of reading straight time as multiply tem- poral, exceptional, or outside the quotidian given that implicit in such readings is the suggestion that these temporal disruptions render at least some aspects of heterosexuality temporally queer. There is little doubt that geographical paradigms have enriched the lexicon and conceptual repertoire of literary criticism in recent years, but cultural geographers are also increasingly aware of the extent to which a more nuanced understanding of language, form, rhetoric, and textuality might enhance their own critical practice.


One such counterintuitive move of Modernism and Race is its turn away from existing postcolonial and, to a lesser extent, black Atlantic dis- courses, in favour of engaging with intra-European raciologies such as Ger- manism and Pan-Celticism. In this regard, Modernism and Race proves a generative, complex, and at times surprising set of essays, providing new accounts of the diverse role race played in the modernist imagination.



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