What Is Vaginal Flatulence (Queef)?

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Queefing how to stop it

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It concluded that childbirth was an important risk factor for vaginal flatulence. To perform Kegels, squeeze the muscles you use to stop urinating.

Queefing how to stop it

Queefing is totally normal and the hotter and harder you play, the more likely it is to happen! Exercise or stretching Movements during exercise can cause air to become trapped inside the vagina. Vaginal flatulence, also known as a "queef," is an emission of trapped air from the vagina.

Queefing how to stop it

Queefing how to stop it

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  1. It has nowhere else to go so it has to come back out. Colonoscopy or other surgery Certain procedures, such as a colonoscopy, can redistribute air in your body and may lead to vaginal flatulence.

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