17 tips on being a woman from etiquette books over the past 160 years.

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Proper etiquette for ladies

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Do not take pride in offensively expressing yourself on every occasion under the impression that you will be admired for your frankness. Maybe your positive vibes will rub off on them!

Proper etiquette for ladies

Meekness and modesty are considered to be the most beautiful virtues. To raise the dress on both sides, and with both hands, is vulgar. Respectfully telling someone how you feel with a smile on your face and a sprinkle of sass will get you much further than blowing up or resorting to petty, passive-aggressive jabs.

Proper etiquette for ladies

Proper etiquette for ladies

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  1. There is nothing more offensive when seated that a lady who crosses one leg over the other.

  2. Many times have we seen an inoffensive husband tucked completely out of sight by the superabundant flow of volubility proceeding from a wife, who, we like to believe, is by nature intended to be the gentler and restraining element.

  3. Ladies should never adopt the ungraceful habit of folding their arms or of placing them akimbo.

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