Prague Stag Weekends

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Prague stag party

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James the Greater, there's a mummified forearm just before the tomb entrance - legend has it that a jewel thief tried to steal from the alter of the Virgin Mary, before her statue came to life and grabbed his arm. They even have a beer museum. It'll make for some great holiday pictures, and it's genuinely interesting once you start taking an interest in the symbolism behind the different moving pieces in this intricate and famous cultural landmark.

Prague stag party

Pub Trivia Per capita, the Czech Republic consumes more beer than any other nation on the planet. Taste of Prague are the biggest hub of foodie information in the city, if you and the lads are feeling the hanger, fix your craving for quality grub with top recommendations from this great page. It's perfect for the groom's last weekend as a single man.

Prague stag party

Prague stag party

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Pivo Cup Of prague stag party, a Man stag weekend is nothing without the future to wet the intention's disparaging with a considerable amount of soaps, cheers and phenomenal nightlife - which is not this organ's speciality. It's input, victual-free and best of all, you don't have to pay a good until you decide that we're here the company for you. Key 3 top lap anxiety clubs and deduction a bathroom of insanely hot personalities.

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  1. It looks like something from Game of Thrones and it's practically impossible to avoid quoting the show when you're touring the grounds which cover a total area that's bigger than seven football fields. Ask the locals where's best to head and the chances are they'll point you in the direction of Old Town, with character-filled pubs, vintage bars and a few unique underground nightclubs.

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