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They then flick their tails at their rivals, wafting their odours towards each other. The wrist gland produces a short-lived smell, while the shoulder gland produces a much longer-lasting brown paste. You can add essential oils to your liking to add some scent.


Green Hoopoe source The closely related Eurasian hoopoe has also evolved this trait, and young Eurasian hoopoes can fire faecal-like fluids more than 60cm. Dominguez-Bello Its leafy diet is responsible for its distinctive smell.



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  1. An analysis of the chemicals in hyena butter showed that not only did individual hyenas have a unique scent, but that clan members had a unique "clan" scent that differed from other clans.

  2. This was due to a chemical called dimethyl trisulphide, which is also emitted by vegetables such as cooked onion and cabbage, decayed meats, and fermented food and drink. You can add essential oils to your liking to add some scent.

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