Goodbye Podango Show Builder Lite – Updated

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Video about podango:

Are we sure Doug Kaye can't buy it back? Keep in mind, this is not a comment on the Podango hosting soultion. They are very kind, and the are doing their best.


I also completely appreciate that I paid 0. I can upload an intro and outro, then when its time to do a podcast I record one file, and save it as a wav file. We will fix those too.



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  1. Tim's expertise in building communities and creating audio content for community websites has allowed TNC New Media to develop niche content that is attractive to both the listener and advertisers wanting to reach a highly-targeted audience. This way it is safe from hurting your customer base.

  2. The shame is by the time they get it fixed, anyone who would've paid money for it will have left. If I was Podango I would've:

  3. It's a damn shame, and someone should look at this software and come up with a competitor. It might be helpful for you to know that the GVAL codebase was more brittle and immobile than we expected it to be based upon our due diligence, and we were contractually obligated to move it from the domain it was sitting on.

  4. Moving the system introduced instability that we have largely resolved. This technology was purchased by Podango, and shortly thereafter they broke it.

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