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Physical symptoms of lovesickness

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Here are some of the possible symptoms to look out for: Also known as post-sex depression , the condition is marked by feelings of sadness, anxiety , regret, and irritability. Last updated at

Physical symptoms of lovesickness

In the brain, certain neurotransmitters — phenethylamine , dopamine , norepinephrine and oxytocin — elicit the feeling of high from "love" or "falling in love" using twelve different regions of the brain. However, this urge declines with familiarity. While the words "You make me sick" may not seem the most romantic Valentine's card message you could send your loved one next week, psychologists believe it may be more apt than people think.

Physical symptoms of lovesickness

Physical symptoms of lovesickness

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  1. While some couples may find these studies and programs beneficial, this obsession with the honeymoon effect has lead people to believe they are at a higher risk to experience dissatisfaction in their relationship than they actually are. January The "honeymoon effect" is the initially high but rapidly decreasing relationship satisfaction in newlywed couples, but it is mainly defined and studied by the decline in the frequency of sexual intercourse from early in the marriage or relationship compared to later in the relationship.

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