Shirking Responsibilities: The Peter Pan Syndrome Explained

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Peter pan syndrome psychology

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Parenting seminars should be organized, especially for teenage parents so they are aware of techniques to teach their children about responsibilities. Escapement mechanisms and psychological disorders Sometimes the subconscious mind of a person develops a psychological disorder on purpose in order to allow him to escape from reality. However, this disorder is not yet medically accepted by the WHO World Health Organization and not yet acknowledged by the American Psychiatric Association as a mental disorder.

Peter pan syndrome psychology

Instead, they are focused on the real issues about themselves; they start with the basics on how to learn to face the real problems of life. It has been studied that men who are afflicted by this syndrome choose to be in relationships with women who are much younger than themselves.

Peter pan syndrome psychology

Peter pan syndrome psychology

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  1. Peter Pan Syndrome and behavior People suffering from peter pan syndrome behave in a way that is similar to the way children behave.

  2. Even when they are at a stage in their lives where they need to have a proper and steady job, they might, instead, be stuck in menial jobs, which they find difficult to sustain for long periods of time as well.

  3. They are also not bothered by the wrong things that they have done, instead they blame others for their frailties. They tend to move away from real problems concerning their weaknesses, which can cause them to use prohibited drugs and abuse alcohol in an attempt to escape the obstacles of life.

  4. Denial and Substance Abuse In refusing to take up responsibilities, they manage to avoid confronting and facing problems both simple and complex , and instead, develop a sense of denial, adopting the policy that if they do not acknowledge the problem, the problem does not exist. Some cases of severe nostalgia are no more than attempts made by the mind to help a person escape to a better place even if it was imaginary.

  5. Emotions and the Lack of Them A person who has this syndrome finds it very difficult to express emotions.

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