The Many Causes of Feelings of Insecurity and Abandonment

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Parent abandonment issues

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Unfortunately, constant fixing can spawn emotional abandonment. Or experiencing severe neglect where your basic emotional and physical needs were not met. So what do we do instead of letting our child suffer negative emotions?

Parent abandonment issues

Talk, Trust and Feel Therapeutics Tucson, Arizona If these ideas and articles at my website have been helpful to you, be sure to browse through our selection of books and the full Talk, Trust and Feel Catalog of products. They do not have parents who teach them how to calm strong feelings and so develop affect regulation difficulties which stay throughout life.

Parent abandonment issues

Parent abandonment issues

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  1. Normal childhood development is disrupted, leaving the child empty and needy and fearful of being rejected and abandoned further by the parent. They become insecurely attached and excessively try to cling on to those who make them feel safe.

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