What is pansexual? LGBTQ terms explained as Miley Cyrus candidly talks gender identity

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Pansexual transgender

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The lack of a sexual attraction, and one identifying with this orientation. Systemic violence against trans people, associated with attitudes such as fear, discomfort, distrust, or disdain.

Pansexual transgender

A set of cultural constructs describing characteristics that may historically be related to femininity, masculinity, women, men, nonbinary people, or social norms. American Institute of Bisexuality stated, "The term fluid expresses the fact that the balance of a person's homosexual and heterosexual attractions exists in a state of flux and changes over time.

Pansexual transgender

Pansexual transgender

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  1. Many genderqueer people are cisgender and identify with it as an aesthetic. A state in which everyone is equal.

  2. Sometimes, the identity fails to recognize that one cannot know individuals with every existing gender identity.

  3. A pansexual person could be attracted to someone who classifies themself as male, female, transgender, intersex or any other identity. Using these definitions, pansexuality is defined differently by explicitly including people who are intersex or outside the gender binary.

  4. There is a lot of overlap between queer and trans identities, but not all queer people are trans and not all trans people are queer. The word queer is still sometimes used as a hateful slur, so although it has mostly been reclaimed, be careful with its use.

  5. The hybrid words pansexual and pansexualism were first attested in , denoting the idea "that the sex instinct plays the primary part in all human activity, mental and physical", [8] [10] a reproach credited to Sigmund Freud levelled at early psychology.

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