NYC Condoms: Health Dept. unveils new look, and new size

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Nyc condoms size

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If you are 17 or older, it is available at pharmacies without a prescription. Because many wanted alternative condoms, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene began distributing the 3 most-requested alternatives.

Nyc condoms size

The NYC Condom, the first specially packaged condom unique to a municipality http: New York City residents aged 18 years and older were eligible to participate.

Nyc condoms size

Nyc condoms size

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  1. If the Health Department were to provide another type of male condom for free, what type of condom would be your top choice? The size of city-sponsored condoms actually entered into the mayoral race last year.

  2. Provide information on precautions and medications you can take to avoid getting pregnant. Wilson contributed to the study design, helped coordinate the study, and coordinated the NYC Condom program.

  3. Begier oversaw and contributed to all aspects of the study and writing. The program expanded during the s to include community-based service organizations and increased more than seven-fold by mid, when the Department launched a web-based ordering system.

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