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Narcissist mind games

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Video about narcissist mind games:

They will convince you of their innocence whenever they mess up. You are giving them all the power to feel superior to you.

Narcissist mind games

Narcissists tend to believe that the whole world would go crazy without them. So, instead of pointing fingers and labeling people, we should at least try to inspire people to change.

Narcissist mind games

Narcissist mind games

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  1. Tweet on Twitter Narcissists are great con artists. I forgave him for staying out all night because maybe I was a shrew who made him want to rebel.

  2. The intermittent kindness they provide temporarily eases the pain they themselves cause, and clinging to these kindnesses because of the immense relief they cause is a way to cope with the extreme psychological stress.

  3. An example of how not to act around a narcissist comes from my long-ago narcissistic relationship:

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